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Cordyceps Extract

  • English name:

    Cordyceps Extract

  • Latin name:

    Cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps militaris

  • Active ingredients:

    Polysaccharides, Cordycepin, Adenosine, Mannitol

  • Specification:

    30%Polysaccharides; 7%Mannitol;1%Cordycepin; 20%Polysaccharides/0.8% Cordycepin/0.8%Adenosine

  • Appearance:

    Brown yellow powder

  • Introduction/Description
  • Specifications
  • Application

Product Introduction:

Cordyceps is a fungus that lives on certain caterpillars in the high mountain regions of China. Natural Cordyceps sinensis is hard to get and may be expensive. Cordyceps Extract are made with Cordyceps militaris fruiting body and mycelium of C. sinensis or  C. militaris. What’s more,we also provide cordyceps mushroom supplement.

Cordyceps Extract

Product Specification of Cordyceps Extract Powder  :


Items Specifications Test Methods
Assay NLT 20% Polysaccharides

NLT 0.8% Cordycepin

NLT 0.8% Adenosine




Moisture Content

Ash Content

Heavy Metals

Arsenic (As)

Cadmium (Cd)

Mercury (Hg)

Lead (Pb)

NMT 5.0%

NMT 5.0%

NMT 10ppm

NMT 1ppm

NMT 1ppm

NMT 0.1ppm

NMT 3ppm

5g / 105℃ / 2hrs

2g / 525℃ / 3hrs

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption

Statements: We hereby confirm that the product meets Kosher & Halal standard;

We hereby confirm that the product is suitable for humans and can be used in human foods.

Product function and application:

Cordyceps Extract might improve immunity by stimulating cells and specific chemicals in the immune system. Cordyceps Extract Powder can be to adjunctive treat asthma,kidney diseases,cancer,decrease fatigue and promote longevity.



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