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Product Name Latin Name Chinese Remarks
Wakame Extract Undaria pinnatifida 裙带菜 10%Fucoxanthin
Wakame Extract Undaria pinnatifida 裙带菜 95%Fucoidan
Watercress extract Nasturtium officinale 豆瓣菜 20:1
Watermelon fruit powder Citrullus lanatus 西瓜 Fruit powder
Watermelon Peel Extract Citrullus lanatus 西瓜皮 10:1
Wheat Grass Powder Triticum aestivum 小麦苗 Powder
Wheat Grass Juice Powder Triticum aestivum 小麦苗 25:1
White Atractrylodes Extract Atractylodes macrocephala 白术 10:1
White Kidney Bean Extract Phaseolus vulgaris 白饭豆 1% phaseolamin
White Mustard Extract Sinapis alba 白芥子 10:1
White Peony Extract Paeonia lactiflora 白芍 10:1
White Peony Extract Paeonia lactiflora 白芍 98%Paeoniflorin
White Tea Extract Camellia sinensis 白茶 40%Polyphenols
White Waterlily Extract Nymphaea alba 睡莲 12:1
White Willow Bark Extract Salix alba 白柳皮 25% Salicin
White Willow Bark Extract Salix alba 白柳皮 98% Salicin
Willow Extract Epilobium conspersum 柳兰 10:1
Wild Radish Extract Raphanus raphanistrum 野萝卜 10:1
Wild Yam Extract Dioscorea opposita Thunb 山药 16% Diosgenins
Wild Lettuce Extract Lactuca virosa 刺毛莴苣 12:1
Winter Melon Extract Benincasa hispida 冬瓜 10:1
Wormseed Extract Chenopodium ambrosioides 土荆芥 10:1
Wormwood Extract Artemisia absinthium 苦艾 10:1
Wakame Fucoxanthin Undaria pinnatifida/Laminaria japonica 褐藻(裙带菜/海带) 10%Fucoxanthin
Watermelon Rind Powder Citrullus lanatus 西瓜皮粉
Wedelia Chinensis Extract Wedelia Chinensis 黄花蜜菜 10:1
Wheat Germ Extract Triticum vulgare 麦芽 10:1
White Atractylodes Extract Atractylodes Macrocephala 白术 10:1
White Pomelo powder Citrus maxima 白柚
White rose extract 白玫瑰 10:1
White Waterlily Extract Nymphaea alba 睡莲 10:1
Wild Honey Suckle Extract Lonicera hypoglauca 山银花 10:1
Winter Melon Juice Powder Benincasa hispida 冬瓜汁粉
Woodruff Extract Galium odoratum 香猪殃殃/香车叶草 10:1
Wormseed extract Chenopodium ambrosioides/Dysphania ambrosioides 土荆芥 10:1

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