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Product Name Latin Name Chinese Remarks
Quercetin Sophora japonica 槲皮素 98% Quercetin
Quercus Robur extract Quercus robur 夏栎 10:1
Quinquina extract Cinchona officinalis 金鸡纳 10:1
Quinquina extract Cinchona officinalis 金鸡纳 99%quinine
Qing Pi Extract(green tangerine peel) Citrus reticulata Blanco 青皮 10:1
Quillaja Extract/Soapbark Extract Quillaja saponaria 皂树皮 10:1
Quince Fruit Extract Cydonia Oblonga 榅桲 10:1
quince seed extract Cydonia oblonga Mill 榅桲籽 10:1

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