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Product Name Latin Name Chinese Remarks
Papaya Extract Carica papaya 木瓜 10:1
Papain 100u/mg
Papain 1,000u/mg
Papaya Fruit Powder Carica papaya 木瓜 Fruit powder
Passionflower Extract Passiflora caerulea 西番莲 4:1
Peanut Extract Arachis hypogaea 落花生壳 20:1
Peanut Extract Arachis hypogaea 落花生壳 98%luteolin
Pelargonium Extract Pelargonium sidoides 天竺葵 10:1
Peppermint Extract Mentha haplocalyx 薄荷 10:1
Periwinkle Extract Vinca minor L 长春花 10:1
Persimmon Extract Diospyros kaki 柿子叶 10:1
Petasites Hybridus Extract Petasites hybridus L. 蜂斗菜 12:1
Phellinus Linteus Extract Phellinus linteus 桑黄 30%Polysaccharides
Phlebodium Extract Phlebodium aureum 青龙莲 12:1
Phyllanthus Emblica Extract Phyllanthus emblica 余甘子 6:1, 15:1
Pine Bark Extract Pinus massoniana 松树皮 95%OPC
Pineapple Extract Ananas comosus 菠萝 2400GDU/g bromelain
Pineapple Fruit Powder Ananas comosus 菠萝 Fruit powder
Pineapple Extract Ananas comosus 菠萝 10:1
Pinellia Ternata Extract Pinellia ternata 半夏 12:1
Plantago Extract Plantago asiatica 车前草 10:1
Platycodon Grandiflorum Extract Platycodon grandiflorum 桔梗 10:1
Plum Extract Prunus domestica 乌梅 12:1
Poke Root Extract Phytolacca americana 垂商陆 12:1
Polygonatum multiflorum Extract Polygonatum multiflorum 黄精 10:1
Polygonum Aviculare Extract Polygonum aviculare 扁蓄 10:1
Pomegranate Extract Punica granatum 石榴 5:1
45%,90% Ellagic acid
Poncirus Extract Citrus trifoliata 枸橘 10:01
Poria Cocos Extract Poria cocos 茯苓 5:1
Poria Cocos Extract Poria cocos 茯苓 30%Polysaccharides
Primrose Extract Primula vulgaris 欧报春 10:1
Pu erh Tea Extract Camellia sinensis 普洱茶 25%Polyphenols
Pumpkin Seed Extract Cucurbita pepo 南瓜子 10:1
PumpkinFruit Powder Cucurbita pepo 南瓜子 Fruit powder
Purple Potato Powder Ipomoea batatas 紫薯 Fruit powder
Purple corn seed Zea mays 紫玉米 10:1
Purslane Extract Portulaca oleracea L 马齿苋 10:1
Pygeum Bark Extract Pygeum africanum 郁李皮 5:1
Pyrethrum extract Pyrethrum cinerariifolium 除虫菊 10:1
Pyrethrum extract Pyrethrum cinerariifolium 除虫菊 20% Pyrethrin
Pachyrhizus erosus extract Pachyrhizus erosus 凉薯/豆薯 10:1
Pachyrhizus erosus powder Pachyrhizus erosus 凉薯/豆薯果粉 果粉
PAEONIA LACTIFLORA EXTRACT Paeonia lactiflora Pall 芍药花 10:1
Paeonia Suffruticosa extract Paeonia Suffruticosa 牡丹 10:1
Papaver rhoeas Extract Papaver rhoeas 虞美人 10:1
Parsley extract Petroselinum crispum 欧芹 10:1
Passion fruit juice powder Passiflora incarnata 百香果汁粉
Passion fruit powder Passiflora edulia Sims 百香果果粉 /
Pau d’Arco extract Tabebuia avellanadae 保哥果 10:1
Pea Extract Pisum Sativum 豌豆 10:1
Pea Protein Powder Pisum sativum L. 豌豆蛋白粉 80%protein
Peach fruit powder Prunus persica Fruit powder
Peganum harmala extract Peganum harmala 骆驼蓬 10:1
pericarpium arecae extract pericarpium arecae 大腹皮 10:1
Perilla leaf extract Perilla frutescens 紫苏叶 10:1
Perilla seed extract Perilla frutescens 紫苏籽 10:1
Persimmon Fruit Extract Diospyros Kaki 柿子果 10:1
Peucedanum ostruthium Extract peucedanum ostruthium 前胡 10:1
Peucedanum ostruthium Extract Peucedanum ostruthium 前胡叶 10:1
Phellinus igniarius extract Phellinus igniarius 针层孔菌 30%Polysaccharides
Phlebodium Extract Phlebodium aureum 青龙莲 10:1
Phlomis Umbrosa Extract Phlomis Umbrosa 糙苏 10:1
Phyllanthus niruri extract (Chanca Piedra Extract) Phyllanthus niruri 珠子草 10:1
Phyllanthus urinaria extract Phyllanthus urinaria 叶下珠 10:1
Physalis Angulata Extract Physalis Angulata 灯笼草 10:1
Physalis peruviana Extract Physalis peruviana 灯笼果 10:1
Phytosterols powder Gycine max/Brassica campestri 植物甾醇 95%Phytosterols/45%beta-sitosterols
Picrorhiza kurroa Extract Picrorhiza kurroa 胡黄连 10:1
Pimpinella Thellungiana Extract Pimpinella Thellungiana 羊红膻 10:1
Freeze Dried Pineapple powder Ananas comosus 菠萝冻干粉 powder
Pink pitaya Powder Hylocereus costaricensis 红心火龙果 powder
Piper longum extract Piper longum 荜拨 10:1
Piper Retrofractum extract Piper Retrofractum 假荜拨 10:1
Pisum Sativum Sprout Extract / Pea Sprout Extract Pisum Sativum 豌豆芽 10:1
Platycladus orientalis extract Platycladus orientalis 侧柏 10:1
Plectranthus Amboinicus Extract Plectranthus Amboinicus 到手香 10:1
Pleurotus Eryngii Extract(King trumpet extract) Pleurotus eryngii 杏鲍菇 30% Polysaccharides
Pleurotus Ostreatus Extract(Oyster Mushroom Extract) Pleurotus ostreatus 平菇 30% Polysaccharides
plumbago indica extract plumbago indica 紫花丹 10:1
Poke Root Extract Phytolacca americana 垂商陆 10:1
Polygonum Aviculare Extract Polygonum aviculare 扁蓄 10:1
Polygonum Tinctorium extract Polygonum Tinctorium 蓼蓝叶 10:1
Polypodium leucotomos extract polypodium  leucotomos 水龙骨 10:1
Polyporus Umbellatus Extract Polyporus umbellatus 猪苓 30%Polysaccharides
Pongamia Pinnata extract Pongamia Pinnata 水黄皮 10:1
Potato Extract Solanum tuberosum 土豆 10:1
Primrose Extract Primula vulgaris 欧报春 10:1
Propolis Extract 蜂胶 70%Propolis/10%flavonoids
Prunella vulgaris extract Prunella vulgaris 夏枯草 10:1
Prunus africana extract Prunus africana 非洲李 10:1
Pseudostellaria Heterophylla Extract Pseudostellaria Heterophylla 太子参 10:1
Psicose Powder 阿洛酮糖 99%
Psyllium  husk powder 99% 洋车前子壳粉 80%dietary fiber 膳食纤维
Pubescent Angelica extract Pubescent Angelica 长生草 10:1
Pumpkin Powder Cucurbita pepo 南瓜粉 powder
Purple corn seed extract  Zea mays 紫玉米 10:1
Purple Sweet Potato Extract Ipomoea batatas 紫薯 10:1
Purple Yam Powder (UBE Powder) Dioscorea alata 紫山药 生粉
Purple cabbage extract Brassica oleracea var. capitata Linnaeus 紫甘蓝 10:1
Pygeum Bark Extract Pygeum africanum 郁李皮 10:1
Pyrethrum extract Pyrethrum cinerariifolium 除虫菊 10:1
Pyrethrum extract (Oil) Pyrethrum cinerariifolium 除虫菊 20% Pyrethrin

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