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Product Name Latin Name Chinese Remarks
Jasmine Flower Extract Jasminum Officinale 茉莉花 12:01
Jerusalem Artichoke Extract Helianthus tuberosus 洋姜/菊芋 90%Inulin
Juniper Extract Juniperus communis 欧刺柏 12:01
Jackfruit Powder Artocarpus heterophyllus 菠萝蜜果粉
Japanese cypress/hinoki cypress extract hamaecyparis obtusa 日本扁柏 10:1
Japonica rice extract 粳米 10:1
Juemingzi Extract Cassia obtusifolia 决明子 10:1
Jujuba Extract Ziziphus jujuba Mill.var 酸枣仁 10:1

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