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Product Name Latin Name Chinese Remarks
Illicium Verum Extract Illicium verum 八角茴香 10:1
Immature Orange Extract Fructus aurantii 枳壳 10:1
Imperata cylindrica extract Imperata cylindrica 白茅根 10:1
Instant black tea extract Camellia sinensis 速溶红茶 30%Polyphenols
Instant dark tea extract Camellia sinensis 速溶黑茶 20%Polyphenols
Instant green tea extract Camellia sinensis 速溶绿茶 20%Polyphenols
Instant oolong tea extract Camellia sinensis 速溶乌龙 30%Polyphenols
Instant pu erh tea extract Camellia sinensis 速溶普洱 20%Polyphenols
Instant pu erh tea extract Camellia sinensis 速溶普洱 10%Polyphenols/7%caffeine
Inula racemosa Inula helenium 土木香 10:1
Irvingia gabonensis extract Irvingia gabonensis 非洲芒果 10:1
Isatis indigotica fort Isatis tinctoria 菘蓝 10:1
Iberis Amara Extract Iberis Amara 屈曲花 10:1
Imperata Cylindrica Extract Imperata Cylindrica 白茅根 10:1
Incarvillea Sinensis Extract  Incarvillea Sinensis 角蒿 10:1
Indigo Naturalis Extract Indigo Naturalis 青黛 10:1
Indigo Leaf  Extract Indigofera tinctoria 木蓝 10:1
Instant Jasmine Flower Green Tea Powder Jasminum Officinale 速溶茉莉花绿茶粉 /
Instant rose flower powder Rosa rugosa 速溶玫瑰花粉 10:1
Inula Helenium Extract Inula helenium 土木香 10:1
Inula Racemosa Extract Inula racemosa 土木香 10:1
Inula Cappa Extract Inula Cappa 羊耳菊/白牛胆(根) 10:1
Iris Versicolor Extract Iris Versicolor 变色鸢尾 10:1
Iris versicolor extract Iris versicolor 变色鸢尾 10:1
Irish moss extract Chondrus Crispus 角叉菜 10:1
Isatis Leaf extract Isatis indigotica/Isatis tinctoria L. 大青叶 10:1
Ivy gourd fruit extract Coccinia cordifolia 红瓜 10:1

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