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The Nutritional Value Of Drynaria Fortunei

Feb 2, 2024

Drynaria Fortunei has many fibrous roots and short and thick rhizomes. The leaves of Drynaria Fortunei are oval or ovoid. There are several vertical lines on the leaves, and the petioles are relatively large. In summer, the flower spikes appear among the leaves. The color is white. After the flowers bloom, the fruit contains seeds. The seeds are the plantago seeds, which are generally in Harvested in summer, the whole plant can be used as medicine. It is cool in nature, sweet in taste and non-toxic. Clear heat and diuresis, relieve diarrhea, reduce inflammation and remove toxins.

Because its fresh product has no odors such as hot, sour, bitter and astringent, except for a little grassy smell, it is very suitable for children to take. The effect speed is equivalent to antibiotics, but the effect is better than antibiotics. The use of antibiotics not only has serious side effects, but also rebounds after stopping the drug. The Drynaria Fortunei just overcomes the shortcomings of antibiotics.

From the perspective of modern medicine, Drynaria Fortunei contains many chemical substances, such as psyllium acid, adenine, psyllium mucopolysaccharide, fatty oil, psyllium glycosides, choline, and various sugars. In addition, the latest scientific research has also found that the extracts from Psyllium has a certain inhibitory effect on cancer and sarcoma, and can effectively protect health.

Let me briefly explain the nutritional value of Drynaria Fortunei:

In every 100 grams of Drynaria Fortunei sprouts, it contains 10 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 309 mg of calcium, 175 mg of phosphorus, 25 mg of iron, 58 mg of carotene, 23 mg of vitamin C, and Drynaria Fortunei, Choline, potassium salt, citric acid, oxalic acid, aucubin and other ingredients.

1. The ethanol extract of Drynaria Fortunei can inhibit the activity of Na+-K+-ATPase in the kidney in a dose-dependent manner. The 50% inhibition of Na+-K+-ATPase activity (IC50) is 16.0ug/ml.

2. Plantago flavonoid glycosides can not only promote the secretion of tracheal and bronchial mucus, but also inhibit the respiratory center, deepen and diffuse breathing, and have a certain antitussive effect.

3. 15mg/ml of Drynaria Fortunei alcohol exchange material has the effect of killing Leptospira.

4. Plantago pectin has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on rats with immobilized gastric ulcer, aspirin-induced gastric ulcer, and gastric ulcer model administered by Butazepine.

5. The antidepressant effect of Drynaria Fortunei oil extract. It was found that the number of mice given Drynaria Fortunei extract was significantly reduced, indicating that Drynaria Fortunei has a significant antidepressant effect.

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