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Seabuckthorn is a treasure

Feb 18, 2024

Common name of sea buckthorn: vinegar willow, sour. Seabuckthorn is a plant with the same medicine and food. The roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of sea buckthorn, especially sea buckthorn fruits are rich in nutrients and biologically active substances, and are widely used in many areas of the national economy such as food, medicine, light industry, aerospace, agriculture, animal husbandry and fish industry.

Sea buckthorn fruit is sweet and sour and rich in nutrients. The fruit contains 112 biologically active substances, especially rich in multiple vitamins and organic acids, including 6 soluble vitamins, 22 fatty acids, 42 lipids, and 33 flavonols. , Superoxide and other active substances and various amino acids needed by the human body. The content of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin E is the highest among all fruits. The vitamin C content can reach 825-1100 mg, which is 3 times that of kiwi, and 9 times that of citrus, which is known as the king of vitamin C.

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