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Effect of clove extract on lipid oxidation of salted duck eggs

Feb 13, 2024

Experimental research results show that the use of clove extract significantly reduces the TBARs value, anisidine value and the content of conjugated diene in the curing process.


The extract of clove and the marinating time have a significant effect on the fatty acid composition. The main fatty acid in salted duck eggs with clove extract added during the curing process is oleic acid, followed by palmitic acid and arachidonic acid. In addition, the content of docosahexaenoic acid in the treated duck eggs was higher than that in the control group.


The results of SPME-GC-MS showed that there were 46 and 37 volatile compounds in the treated duck eggs. As the main bioactive component of clove, eugenol was detected in salted duck eggs supplemented with clove extract. In addition, the results obtained by analyzing the electronic nose found that clove extract significantly changed the flavor components of salted duck eggs.

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